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Sounds Of Emily Carr

Sound of  Emily Carr

  •  Purpose:

1.   ask People to experience and engage without the naked eye.

2.  a sound map for people who are  interested in Emily Carr University.

  • Sounds resources:

All of the sounds are recording from Emily Carr University.

for example:

1. sounds from classrooms/cafe/washroom

2.sounds from elevator/stairs/doors

3.sounds from some electronic art works.etc

  •  Technology:

1. Flash

2. Aduacity

  3. Iphone:

  • Example:




motion sequence codelab

this is the view out of my window in my house.

i took two videos, for me it is very interesting,: day and night, the same street, but different view and feeling.


then i use the motion sequence codelab to mix them together. these are the screenshots .

but i dont know why the pictures are very hard to see…..


production plan

This week i think i almost finish my project, but i am still collecting interesting sounds from school~

this is a picture of my screen, and you can see that i add lots of buttons this time. (about 20 buttons)

and last time i has some technology problems~now  i already fix them. and this is one of my sketches~(click the picture you can see clearly)

also i add this picture to the first page

what ever~i will show my flash in class tomorrow~

see you tmr~@@!!!



Simon~!!! i think i am in big trouble right now….i was working on my flash and my computer just…died…

it showed like that almost 3 hours….and when i reopen my flash file…they are all broken  and some of them are not under control…..i try to fix them …but i cant…i think there is something wrong with my flash software…

i am sooooooooooo sad…..i think i cant show it in class tmr….but i can show it to u when we meet…

these are some of my sketch…

now is  4 AM…i try to fix it all night…but i cant…..i am really tired….i have to go to sleep right now …

c u tmr….. (T-T)…..

This is my production plan:

and this week i was still working on collecting sounds, cutting them and designing the shape of lines in my flash. because i don’t know how to make the sound to play continue, so i have another idea to fix it.i will make 5~8buttons in each area to make the sounds  feeling different and volume. just like this picture:

but i am lucky, because this is a very interesting show in north building. i got lots of interesting sounds from this show.

there are the links for 5 of my sounds:

1. electronic Dog by Jing Shi 2. Rain by Jing Shi
3 reception by Jing Shi

4. computer lab by Jing Shi

5. Music by Jing Shi

this is the link for my video. i found that when i was recording sounds in north building,this is a light motion sensor electronic project. this electronic dog can make the sounds like a horse.

so on that day, i collected about 38 pieces of  sounds. this is the screenshot from my computer. and these files are all from my iphone. i think i will cut them into 60 pieces and mix them together.

these are my sounds forders.


i got the map of the north building from the reception.

i changed the mouse to a flashing ball, it is a small movie.

and i designed 4 kinds of effects to show in my flash.

1. when u move the mouse to this button, it will shows a square and change color  from pink to purple and repeat.

2. it just show one time and disappear:

3. it will disappear and show again. repeat~

4. when u move your mouse to the button, it will appear.


i am Sorry that i post it so late~ i try to upload my sounds to myspace…but….i dont know how to use that….i am really sorry about it. and these two weeks i was still working on collecting sounds, cutting them, mixing and making flash.

i  have 5~10 different sounds for one classroom, and i use Audacity to mix them together.

and this time, i just show some pics of my sketch on my blog, and tomorrow i will show a flash to explain my work.



next week i will have 4 volunteers for my project, they are Huan, Alice, Kay and Sky.   they will help me to collect sounds from their classrooms, and i will post some videos on the blog to show the process.

i am still working on research, i want to study more about how to use flash software to make buttons. and i got some useful info from some Chinese websites. (this are the links , but i am sorry that i have to use chinese website , it is much easier for me to study~><!)

i also did some research about sounds projects.  and i found erik samakh‘s sounds art is very interesting. here is the link:


For my final project ” Sound of Emily Carr”, i have  5 steps to do:

1. collecting specific and interesting sounds in school:

I have already collected some sounds from ecu’s washroom, classrooms, cafe and art gallery, but i still need some time to choose which are good  in this project.

2. cut these sounds in software:    Audacity

3. adjust the sounds’ volume in software:  Goldwave

4. use flash:

i will import these sounds to the software flash and make lots of  invisible buttons.

5. upload my  webpage ” sound of emily carr“ on internet:

so people from  all over the world can come and check this website.

This is my production plan for my final project. but i think  maybe i can not finish it in this semester  because this is a big project for me. i will keep on working on it and try my best.

Proposal for my Project “Sounds of Emily Carr”

  People observe the outside world through their senses. Though visual sense is often the most direct medium with which people perceive what is happening before their eyes, hearing also plays a vital role in helping people learn knowledge, interact with other people, and understand the outside world. In addition, in many cases, audio medium provides much more vivid and direct information than visual medium. For example, when we try to describe what a group of students are doing in an art class, presenting an artwork finished by the students is not enough. If we can present what is being discussed by the group of students on how they have tried to brainstorm, to plan, to outline, and finally to finish the artwork by their personal accounting through their voices, the effect will be much more attracting and profound.

Currently, as one of Canada’s premier post-secondary universities specializing in undergraduate and graduate art, design and media education, Emily Carr University is becoming more and more popular with many high school students wishing to pursue undergraduate studies in the areas of art, design and media education. In addition, parents of current Emily Carr students also hope to learn what their children are doing, how they pursue their academic studies, and how they fare outside classrooms in the university through medium other than visual images or verbal descriptions. Therefore, creating an audio project to introduce what Emily Carr students are doing currently  at the university either inside or outside the classrooms becomes an essential endeavour in the effort to let Emily Carr’s prospective students and parents of current Emily Carr’s students have a direct contact with what is happening in Emily Carr.

My project aims at describing what is happening at Emily Carr through audio information recorded by digital devices and then, the project will be uploaded to the Internet so that people around the world will be able to have access to this audio information and have a direct understanding of what is happening in this university. One of the features of this audio project is that it has no visual images, but just a black and white logo of Emily Carr University.

When the Internet surfer clicks on the logo, a black webpage will appear on the computer screen and the cursor will become a flashing ball. When viewers click on the black webpage, sounds of many classrooms will be heard. These sounds are very noisy. But as a matter of fact, those sounds are produced by different buttons which represent different classrooms and are invisible to the viewers. If viewers move the cursor to different buttons, different sounds from the buttons or classrooms will be produced. In addition, the position of the cursor in relation to the buttons around it may also determine the levels of the sounds. For example, if the cursor is located between Button A and Button B, a mix of the sounds from the two buttons will be produced, and the further the cursor is away from Button A but the nearer to Button B, the sound from Button A will be lower while the sound from Button B will be louder until the sound form Button A disappears completely when the cursor is completely out of the area of Button A.

The effect of these sounds is that they create such an intimate environment in which listeners feel as if they are virtually present in these classrooms, participating in the specific activities that are taking place in these classrooms. For example, when a button for a classroom is clicked, a group discussion in a classroom on topic that depicts the relationship between artwork and social unrest will be heard. Different students many be presenting different views on this topic. When a listener interested in this topic hears the discussion, he or she may feel a strong desire to participate in this group discussion simply because he or she has forgotten that she is just a listener far away from the group discussion. Instead, he or she feels strong empathy with other participants of the group discussion because he or she has regarded him/herself as an active participant of the group discussion. But if she or he is just presented with a photo of a classroom where students sit together, the viewer of the photo will never be able to have such a feeling of empathy, and he or she may never be interested in participating in such a classroom discussion since he or she has no information on the details of this topic.

In short, audio project should never be regarded as less important than a visual or verbal project. Since Mother Nature has granted human beings with such a wonderful sense, we should create opportunities to make full use of it so that audio projects created by us will enable us to make our world more harmonious and more peaceful to live.


in this trip, the balloon project is my favorite,i really wanna go through this room and step on the balloons~!!!and i wanna want to know why martin creed do this~i also find another work from his website,”‘half the air in a given space”

the art gallery in china town

it is my first time to come to the olympic village~and i saw lots of interesting design there.

something i found interesting in this trip:

these are some interesting patterns i found in the village.

these were something i found should not belong to there:

olympic village is a highly designed village, and there are lots of electronic trashes, but i still can find some garbage in this village.

and for these chairs, i think they looks like too modern to this village, so it is not so good to put them there.

ISMA 400–Jing Shi

1.Mary’s Heedless video:

This video gives me a sense of freshness, or a sense of strong shocking sight, and this sense is strengthened by the switch between different scenes shot from different angles of view.

2. Sandy ‘s “do u trust me?” :

This video shocked me with a strong impression on the true relationship between human individuals: the friendship. On the other hand, I don’t think it is a good idea in the video for Sandy to say “Do u trust me?” all the time. In fact, it would be much better if every one involved in this project had a chance to say so because this would be more convincing.

3. Jisu’s interactive wearables:

This interactive wearables project is very original. In addition, I think the author can try to combine it with her animal rights project, that is to say, the effect will be much better if animal rights are integrated into this interactive wearables.

4.Sam’s food security project:

I think this project is very constructive for I am obsessed with the quality of food.

5.Sky’s human rights project:

The original concept for this project is fantastic, and the images in it give viewers a very strong visual shock. But the content may not as rich as was expected. I think more images and video clips can be added to it. In addition, I am looking forward to the emergence of a new video product mixed with remix music unique to his features.


Movement:  is a motion, a change in position.

and these are some pics about Movement:


this is the address for the diva 200 final project:


1. a performed gesture using the color orange

2. a very public space rarely seen

3. A very public space edge zone: the zone where a secure area abuts an area that is not secure.